You Are A Vulture

Released in 2006

You Are A Vulture is the first album by Russian Spy Camera and originally released on April 10th, 2006. Most of the instruments on the album are played by Ryan White, although drums are played by Andy Turner. The album was recorded by Jason NeSmith at Bel*Air Studios in Athens, Georgia following a long preproduction process at Ryan's house.

The album preproduction began before Ryan and Andy played their first show, and wasn't originally supposed to be anything more than a one-off album.

You Are A Vulture is part 1 to its followup Mutiny In The Kitchen With Knives, although the recorded performance is much more raw and unrefined. The title references a response Ryan gave to a girl who, while the album was still being recorded, told him he couldn't sing very well.

Production Notes

All words and music written by Ryan S White (BMI).

Produced by Ryan White.
Recorded half by Ryan White and half by Jason NeSmith.
Mixed at Bel-Air Studios in Athens, GA by Jason NeSmith.
Mastered by Jeff Capurso at Chase Park Transduction.
Album design and layout by Ryan White.

The version of Russian Spy Camera playing on this album is:
Ryan White: instrumentation, vocals, keyboard, loops, and samples
Andy Turner: drums, vocals

Other musicians:
Jason NeSmith: drums on Descension and backing vocals on A Matter of Time & Distance.
John Caldwell: piano on Curanderismo

Thanks to..
Timothy Price, Bryan Redding, Matt Lucas, Lindsay D'Andrea, Jill Stanley, Jeff Capurso, Seth Barna, Jay Murphy, Kerry Jones, John Caldwell, Trey Stephens, Rebecca Hall, Ben Spraker, Rhett Coleman, Count Kellam

Special thanks to Jason NeSmith and Kay Stanton for their tremendous help, guidance, and hospitality.

Thank you for listening.