Mutiny In The Kitchen With Knives

Released in 2008

Mutiny In The Kitchen With Knives is the second album by Russian Spy Camera and originally released on March 3rd, 2008. It is part 2 to its predecessor You Are A Vulture as many of the songs were written during the same time as the first album's.

The majority of the album was recorded over a long 10 month period by Ryan in his house in Athens. The drums were recorded by Jay Murphy at Normal Studios where the album was also mixed. As with the first album, Ryan plays most of the instruments but with Andy Turner on drums, McGregor Button on bass/piano, and guest musicians on various other parts.

There was virtually no shows in support for this album as the funds that Ryan had initially saved for the printing of the record were instead used to buy a plane ticket to Istanbul, Turkey, where he would begin a 3.5 month sabbatical through Europe.

Production Notes

All words and music written by Ryan S White (BMI)

Recorded and produced by Ryan White.
All drums recorded by Jay Murphy.
Piano for tracks 5 & 7 recorded by Ryan White in a secret mansion owned by Marie Gayeski & Jim Thomas.
Mixed by Jay Murphy at Normal Studios in Athens, Ga, Fall 2007.
Additional mixing by CK Koch in 2008.
Mastered by Jeff Capurso at Chase Park Transduction.
Album cover by Ryan White.

The version of Russian Spy Camera playing on this album is:
Ryan White: vocals, guitar, bass, programming, percussion
Andy Turner: drums, vocals, percussion
McGregor Button: piano, keyboards, bass

Other musicians:
Brian Harper played violin on The Obsolete Man
Elsa Hernandez played violin on Pickpockets
Jay Murphy and Andy play faux-timpani on The Obsolete Man
This Town Has Placed A Curse On Me contains these singers: Holley Soro, Allison Weiss, Brandon Hanick, Ryan White, Andy Turner, McGregor Button

Thanks to..
Timothy Price, Jason Barna, Rhett Coleman, Crystal Lee, Kat Amano, Mike White, Jessica Kao, Jerry David Chris & Tina, Nic Turman, CK Koch, Sheryl Button, Eric Harris, Remy Brown, Elsa Hernandez, Holley Soro, Allison Weiss, Brandon Hanick, and Valarie Hogan..

There are four people who made this album feasible:
Jim Button, Jay Murphy, Marie Gayeski, and Jeff Capurso.

We want to give them a very special thanks.

Thank you for listening.