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About Russian Spy Camera

Russian Spy Camera in short is the ongoing musical project of myself, Ryan White, that was first started in Athens, Georgia in December of 2004. You can call it a band, a discography in the works, a blank musical canvas for exploring whatever I want; it's all the same. Although it is fundamentally musically based, the project can incorporate any sort of art from graphic design to photography to video to writing. This website is the official reference point documenting my musical and artistic history, progress, and production while showcasing it to those who are interested.

Currently, Russian Spy Camera has three albums: You Are A Vulture (2006), Mutiny In The Kitchen With Knives (2008), and M Withdrawals (2012). The songs on the albums are written and composed by myself. The performances on the albums are mainly by myself but include much of Andy Turner on drums and a revolving door of other talented musicians such as McGregor Button (piano, bass), Donovan Babb (drums), Alec Wooden (bass), C.K. Koch (various instruments and production), et al. The goal is to, at the very least, continue to record and release an album every few years.

As a live band, it's pretty much the same scenario: a group of any given musicians joining me to play these songs live. However, the bulk of live Russian Spy Camera shows were played by myself, Andy Turner, and McGregor Button from the years 2005 to 2009. There is no closed door on the live aspect of the project. In other words, although there aren't tours lined up in the future, it doesn't mean that Russian Spy Camera is 100% done playing live shows.

A brief history of Russian Spy Camera

In December of 2004 I was 23 and graduated from University. After 8 years of writing (really bad) songs and several failed attempts at musical projects with other people, I decided to record an album of my own (eventually to become You Are A Vulture) that would include some new ideas I recently started developing on my computer. I was serendipitously invited to play a show with some friends who thought that Russian Spy Camera was a full band based on what they heard from the recordings. Oh weren't they surprised when only myself and Andy Turner showed up the night of our first concert at The 40 Watt in Athens, Georgia on Thursday, June 16th, 2005.

I knew Andy from living in Athens and I knew he played drums, so I enlisted him to play these shows with me, and that got the ball rolling. A few shows turned into more shows, which turned into playing drums on the album. Next minute we knew, Russian Spy Camera was a band, albeit a 2-man band. But more shows turned into even more shows, and some of them started to be out of town. At this point we enlisted a third member to help bring the live sound closer to the recorded sound: McGregor Button. You Are A Vulture was released on April 10th, 2006 and three months later McGregor played his first show with us.

The next year and a half was full of shows and festivals around the Southeast and the recording of the second Russian Spy Camera album, Mutiny In The Kitchen With Knives; released on March 3rd, 2008, it was a much more polished and cohesive record than its predecessor. However, due to various changes within the band and some personal issues I was dealing with, I decided to take a sabbatical and travel through Europe from Istanbul to Berlin over the summer of 2008. This put the band on indefinite hiatus.

Nothing musically happened for twelve months except for two shows in the spring of 2009. By that summer, I broke my ongoing writer's block and began writing the songs that would eventually be recorded for M Withdrawals. By September, I was nearly complete with a list of songs to record but was in a near fatal car accident with two people I worked with. This was a life-changing event that prompted me to start recording the record and go back to traveling. M Withdrawals was completely recorded from January to late March of 2010, and by mid May I moved to Barcelona, Spain. M Withdrawals would unfortunately (and in some ways fortunately) spend the next year and a half being mixed, remixed, and remixed again. The stall was largely due to my traveling and C.K. Koch's growing of his own Slow Records Studios. However, by February of 2010, after returning back from Europe for a brief few months, the album was mastered. More traveling stalled its release, which eventually happened in August of 2012.

Another batch of songs have been written for a fourth release but currently no plans for its recording have materialized. Let's see what happens...

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